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  • Aquafresh Flex Toothbrush

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    Aquafresh Flex Toothbrush

  • Medium Microfibre Towel

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    Meidum size Microfibre towel. Ultra compact, super absorbent microfibre sports towel, ideal for the gym, sports and travel (114 x 50cm)

  • Rona Ross D-Panthanol Skin/Sunburn Repair Spray (160ml)

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    Rona Ross D-Panthenol skin and tissue repair natural spray. Fast and effective treatment and relief for acute sunburn, cuts, blisters, abrasions and dry skin. Helps to heal, disinfect and moisturise which, regenerates and tones the problem skin. 

    • Rona Ross D-Panthenol skin and tissue repair natural spray
    • Contains: D-panthenol, propolis bisabolol, aloe vera, allatoin
    • Also contains vitamins E and F
    • Effective treatment for burns of all types - including sunburn
    • Promotes healing of traumatic or thermally induced wounds.
    • Acts as an anti-inflamatory
    • Quick and deep penetrating moisturiser
    • Neutral pH - ideal for babies and children
    • Heals, disinfects and moisturises
    • Suitable for: Sunburn, cuts, blisters, abraisions and dry skin
    • 160ml Pump Spray
    • Lasts 24 months from first use
  • Rona Ross Dermocalm Skin/Sunburn Repair Cream (75ml)

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    Rona Ross Dermocal (D-Panthenol) skin repair cream 75ml. Ideal the effective treatment of acute sunburn and acts as an anti-inflamatory. It offers fast and effective cooling and can also be used for daily skin care and moisturising.

    • Rona Ross Dermocalm (D-Panthenol) skin reapir cream
    • Effective for cooling and treating actute sunburn
    • Promotes normal keratinization
    • Acts as an anti-inflamatory 
    • Fast cooling effect
    • Contains Vitamins E & F, Aloe Vera & Bisabolol
    • Easy to apply and instantly absorbed
    • pH Freindly and ideal for children
    • 75ml tube
  • Rona Ross Lip Balm SPF15 (4.7g)

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    Rona Ross Lip Balm with SPF15. Protection from the weather conditions (sun, wind, cold). They moisturize the lips leaving them soft without chapping and cracks thanks to the vitamins and the natural ingredients that they contain. Water-resistant and long-lasting. In 7 colors and flavors. Dermatologically tested.

  • Rona Ross Prickly Heat Therapy Lotion (160ml)

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    Prickly Heat Therapy Lotion for Face & Body. Oil, fragrance & colour free lotion with calamine for the treatment of skin irritations & burns. 160ml

    • Rona Ross Prickly Heat Lotion 160ml
    • Effective treatment for Prickly heat, sweat rash and skin allergies
    • Suitable for Body & Face
    • Oil, fragrance & colour free lotion with calamine for the treatment of skin irritations & burns
    • Our customers swear by it!
    • With anti-itching, calming, antiseptic properties 
    • Soothes skin from mild sunburns, itching, reddening, pimples & prickliness caused by sun or sweat
    • Also ideal for children for relief from chicken pox
    • Combine with Rona Ross Prickly Heat Foaming Gel Wash for optimum results
    • 160ml lotion
  • SolarSport Aloe Instant Soother Aftersun

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    Solarsport Aloe Vera Instant Soother Aftersun, is a convenient take anywhere pocket sized moisturising and soothing aftersun pump spray that can be used to calm sun reddened skin.

    • Solarsport Dry Aftersun pump Spray
    • Ideal for heads and scalps
    • Can be sprayed on hair without making it greasy
    • Dry and non greasy
    • Clean fresh uni-sex fragrance
    • Unique formula with fast, soothing effect 
    • Can also be used as an everyday moisturiser
    • 25ml Pump spray delivers approx. 200 sprays
    • Ideals for hand luggage, handbags or pocket
  • Swimeze Ear Drops

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     Swimeze Ear Drops aid in drying water and killing bacteria trapped in the ear after swimming & snorkelling, as well as relieving pressure discomfort & lubricating the ear canal. 

    • Swimeze Ear Drops- Aid in drying trapped water
    • Killing bacteria
    • Ideal for use after swimming & snorkelling
    • Use after open water Triathlon Swims
    • Relieves pressure discomfort in the ear canal
    • Helps lubricate the ear canal.
    • 30ml Bottle 
    • Current expiry 07/18
  • Ultrasun Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask

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    Unique combination of slow-release hyaluronic acid and powerful brown algae actives. Delivers long-lasting hydration and overnight, anti ageing care for your skin after increased sun exposure. Incredibly fast-absorbing, lightweight and non-greasy gel texture. Especially recommended for very sensitive and dehydrated skin after sun exposure. Apply generously to the face, neck and décolleté, allowing the mask to fully absorb over night.

    • Ultrasun Overnight summer skin face recovery mask
    • Fast absorbing anti-ageing recovery mask with Hyaluronic Acid & Brown Algae
    • Long lasting overnight hydration for sun exposed skin
    • Light and non-greasy
    • Especially recommended for very sensitive skin
    • No perfume
    • No mineral oils
    • No emulsifiers
    • No preservatives
    • No silicones
    • No alcohol
    • 50ml Pump

10 Item(s)