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Beach Toys & Games

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  • 10 Piece Dinosaur Sand Mould Set

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    A fantastic 10 piece dinosaur sand mould set. Creates an imprint in the sand of a dionsaur. Dinosaur length approx 77cm. 

    • Toyrific dinosaur sand mould
    • 10 Piece set
    • Makes a dinosaur of 77cm
    • A great addition to a beach holiday
    • 3 Bright colours to choose from
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  • 11" Plastic Marble Beach Spade

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    rnA 11 childrens plastic beach spade.

  • Bat & Ball Set

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    A must-have fun accessory for the beach or garden. Wooden Bat & Ball Set in 3 great colours.

  • Bestway Angry Birds Children's Pool Mattress

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    The Bestway Angry Birds Junior Air Mat is the perfect support to have when making that transition from novice to pro, giving the children the freedom to perfect the arm stride and kick the legs. This Junior Air Mat can even double up as a cool Angry Birds mattress when hanging out on the lawn with friends on the beach, or, thanks to its contoured pillow design for added comfort, it can even be used as a bed when camping!

    • Bestway Angry Bird Children's Pool Matteress
    • Genuine Angy Birds Design
    • Great extra swimming support for young Angry Birds fans!
    • Doubles up as a mattress when camping or on the beach!
    • Includes repair patch to extend life
    • Contoured pillow design for added comfort
    • Size: 1.19m x 0.61m (47” x 24”)
    • Suitable for Children 3+
  • Inflatable 20" Child's Fish Swim Ring

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    Child's 51cm (20) Inflatable swim ring with fish design. Available in 3 groovy colours. Age 3-6

    • Child's 51cm (20") Inflatable swim ring- Fish design
    • Available in Pink, Orange, Green
    • Age 3-6 
  • Manta Ray Inflatable Ride-On

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    A manta ray inflatable ride on from Bestway with heavy-duty handles and repair patch. For ages 3+

    • Manta ray inflatable ride- Heavy-duty handles
    • Repair patch
    • For ages 3+
    • 150 x 114cm
  • Medium Marble Castle Bucket

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    A medium sized childrens sand castle bucket.

  • Multicoloured 41cm Beach Ball

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    A multicoloured 41cm (16) inflatable beach ball.

    • 41cm (16) inflatable Beach Ball
    • Durable PVC with tough seams
    • A great addition for beach holiday's

  • Plastic Flying Ring

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    Toyrific 25cm plastic flying ring. A great addition to any beach or villa holiday.

    • 25cm flying ring
    • available in blue, yellow, pink
    • Great addition to any beach or villa holiday
    • Easy to pack - super flat on 1cm thin 
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  • Sand Castle Bucket

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    Brightly coloured sand castle bucket with fantastic castle detailing. A fantastic bucket to build the ultimate mega-sand-castle!

    • Detailed sand castle bucket
    • 3 super-fun bright colours to choose from
    • Plastic carry handle (to carry sea water for the moat!)
    • A must have for little and big kids at the beach
  • Sand Moulds Beach Toy

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    Fantastic fun sand moulds, ideal for the beach at home or abroad. 4 fantastic shapes to choose from: blue crab, orange fish, turquoise octopus and yellow turtle. Or why not buy all four to create a fab beach sculpture!

    • Plastic beach moulds
    • 4 fantastic beach sea animals to choose from
    • Either £3.49 each or £5.99 for all four!
  • Single Line Kite

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    An easy to fly single line kite. Muti-coloured 114 x 50cm main kite with 152cm tail attached to a 36.5m (120ft) line and winder. A great addition for holiday's, camping and the beach.

    • Single line kite
    • Easy to fly
    • Multi-coloured arrow shapes kite
    • 36.5m fly line. Attched to plastic winder
    • Ideal for holiday's, camping and the beach
  • Sticky Catch Ball Set

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    Sticky catch ball set. Supplied with two colourful sticky fabric covered bats and ball is a great beach, camping or garden game

    • Velcro catch ball set.
    • Supplied with two colourful sticky fabric covered bats and ball
    • Adjustable hand straps
    • A great beach, camping or garden game
    • Supplied in various colours

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