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Travel Comfort

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  • 'The Snoozer' Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow

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    £6.70 As low as: £6.30

    The GoTravel inflatable Flat back Neck Pillow, designed with a patented flat back for full head and neck suppor prevents your head from falling sideways when asleep, meaning a more relaxed sleep when travelling!

  • 'Zip Cubes' Clothes Packers

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    Zip Cubes - clothes packing bags. Designed to double in size when extra space is needed, these expandable luggage organisers are a great way to carry blouses, shirts, vests and more. Simply unzip to increase their capacity and fill with all of your favourite holiday essentials.

    • Expandable bag packers
    • Unzip to double pouch capacity
    • Organise shirts, vests & more
    • 1 Large, 1 small pouch per pack
    • Breathable, lightweight fabric
    • Product Size Small (mm): W 185 x H 265 x D 10
    • Product Size Large (mm): W 265 x H 365 x D 10
  • Bean Filled Soft 'Snoozer' Travel Pillow

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    This ergonomic travel neck pillow effortlessly supports the head without pushing it forward. The revolutionary ‘flat-back’ design offers superior comfort and support, absorbing pressure at the back of the head for a truly relaxing sleep. The robust bean-filled side chambers cushion the neck and remain cool and comfortable, even on long-haul flights.

    • Unique flat-back bean travel pillow
    • Supports head without pushing it forward
    • Revolutionary foam / bean fill
    • Fits snugly around head & neck
    • Reduces neck strain on long journeys
    • Attaches to case/cabin bag for easy access and stowage
    • W 320 x H 270 x D 106
  • Eye Mask (+Free Ear Plugs)

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    £3.89 As low as: £2.86

    Deluxe sleeping/eye Mask (with free ear plugs)

    • Deluxe sleeping mask 
    • Prevents disturbing light for a restful nights sleep when travelling.
    • Fully adjustable, unisex, one size fits all
    • Shaped nose area with blackout fabric
    • Includes FREE set of foam earplugs
    • Includes 12 FREE Stickers 
      • 6x - Please Wake Up For Meals
      • 6x - Do Not Disturb

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  • GoTravel Wash Bag - Toiletries Organiser

    Regular Price: £8.69

    Special Price £7.80

    Compact travel wash bag. Ideal unisex toiletry bag for transporting toiletries and cosmetics, this travel wash bag is soft, flexible and easy to squeeze into any overnight bag or suitcase. It features a wipe clean lining, 3 internal compartments and a convenient integrated carry handle.

    • Soft, flexible travel wash bag - available in 2 colours
    • 3 Interior organiser pockets
    • Integrated carry handle
    • Slimline & lightweight
    • Carry toiletries, cosmetics & more
    • 100% Washable - Wash at 30º
    • Wipe clean lining
  • Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow

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    £8.80 As low as: £7.96

    Inflatable foot rest, perfect for any flight, or even just at home. By raising your legs you can help reduce swelling, aid circulation and not to mention improved comfort when seated. May help reduce the risk of DVT.

  • Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow

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    £6.89 As low as: £5.88

    Standard horseshoe shaped inflatable travel neck pillow with removable washable poly-cotton jacket.

    • Horseshoe shaped inflatable pillow
    • Ideal for sleeping on long journeys
    • Complete with removable polycotton pillow case
    • Ideal for coach, plane, train and car
    • Polycotton jacket is fully washable on a 40° wash
  • Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow

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    A memory foam lumbar support that naturally moulds to perfectly fit the contours of the lower back.

  • Rona Ross Dermocalm Skin/Sunburn Repair Cream (75ml)

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    £8.95 As low as: £7.96

    Rona Ross Dermocal (D-Panthenol) skin repair cream 75ml. Ideal the effective treatment of acute sunburn and acts as an anti-inflamatory. It offers fast and effective cooling and can also be used for daily skin care and moisturising.

    • Rona Ross Dermocalm (D-Panthenol) skin reapir cream
    • Effective for cooling and treating actute sunburn
    • Promotes normal keratinization
    • Acts as an anti-inflamatory 
    • Fast cooling effect
    • Contains Vitamins E & F, Aloe Vera & Bisabolol
    • Easy to apply and instantly absorbed
    • pH Freindly and ideal for children
    • 75ml tube
  • Rona Ross Insect Bite & Jellyfish Sting Therapy Roll-On (11ml)

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    £6.49 As low as: £4.99

    Super Fast Relief from insect bites, jellyfish stings and nettle. 11ml roll-on

    • Rona Ross Bite Therapy Gel 11ml roll on
    • Super fast relief from insect bites, jellyfish & nettle stings
    • Immediate relief from irritation - apply immediately after contact
    • Relieving effects lasts several house
  • Rona Ross Prickly Heat Prevention Foaming Gel Wash (160ml)

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    £12.95 As low as: £10.96

    Rona Ross Prickly Heat Prevention Foaming Gel Wash for face & body. Soap free with anti-itching, anti-bacterial and soothing properties for relief and prevention of skin irritations. 160ml

    • Rona Ross Foaming Prickly Heat Gel Wash 160ml
    • Effective prevention of Prickly Heat and skin allergies
    • Helps to prevent prickly heat, sweat rash and skin allergies occurring
    • Suitable for face and body - soap, colour & fragrance-free
    • Soap free with anti-itching,  anti-bacterial and soothing properties for relief and prevention of skin irritations.
    • Gently cleanses whilst leaving the skin smooth & soft - ideal for everyday use and after swimming
    • Antibacterial & anti-fungal properties
    • Also ideal for children for relief from chicken pox
    • 160ml
    • Product lasts 12 months from first use
  • Rona Ross Prickly Heat Therapy Lotion (160ml)

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    £12.95 As low as: £10.96

    Prickly Heat Therapy Lotion for Face & Body. Oil, fragrance & colour free lotion with calamine for the treatment of skin irritations & burns. 160ml

    • Rona Ross Prickly Heat Lotion 160ml
    • Effective treatment for Prickly heat, sweat rash and skin allergies
    • Suitable for Body & Face
    • Oil, fragrance & colour free lotion with calamine for the treatment of skin irritations & burns
    • Our customers swear by it!
    • With anti-itching, calming, antiseptic properties 
    • Soothes skin from mild sunburns, itching, reddening, pimples & prickliness caused by sun or sweat
    • Also ideal for children for relief from chicken pox
    • Combine with Rona Ross Prickly Heat Foaming Gel Wash for optimum results
    • 160ml lotion
  • The Nightshade Eye Mask

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    £5.89 As low as: £4.51

    A superior ergonomically contoured sleeping Eye Mask with extra wide comfort head band and supersoft eye pad.

    • Anatomically contoured sleep eye mask
    • Carefully selected materials for maximum comfort 
    • Eliminates disturbing light when sleeping
    • Extra Wide Stretchy Strap ensures it stays on
    • An great addition for flight comfort, light evenings and better sleep

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  • Travel Sleep Set (Mask & Pillow)

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    A matching set comprised of an inflatable travel pillow and a hand tied eyeshade, complete with drawstring pouch. Everything is beautifully finished in a delicately patterned fabric that is distinctly feminine. The sift and silky eye mask is easily adjustable and kind to make-up and hair. The fully removable pillow cover makes washing a breeze.

14 Item(s)