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Travel Appliances

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  • Compact Travel Steam Iron

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    Travel steam iron with variable control dial, water level indicator window & Worldwide dual voltage. UK Plug

    • Travel steam iron with variable control dial
    • Copmpact travel size
    • Water level indicator window
    • Worldwide dual voltage. UK Plug
    • Steam control on/off + Steam Boost
    • Non stick coated sole plate
    • Weighs approx 580g (120/240V, 650W/800W)
    • 180cm Cable
    • Approx. size: 17 x 8.5cm x 8.5cm
  • Headphones Share Adaptor

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    Allows two people to listen to the same music player, at the same time.

  • Insect Repellent Plug In (Mosqui-Go Duo)

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     A dual function insect repellent plug in, able to use standard mat tablets and Liquid vapour mosquito killer. Dual Voltage. Available in 3 plug types.

    • Liquid vapour mosquito killer
    • Dual function, able to use standard matt tablets
    • HSE approved harmless vapour effective on mosquitoes
    • Dual voltage (110v / 240v 7 watts)
    • 1 bottle provides approx. 37 days protection 
    • 2 types available; Transworld/US plug typeFor use in USA, Canada, Far East , Japan & South America.r
    • European plug type for use in Europe and Scandinavia, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia & Turkey. 
  • Mini Global Adaptor Plug

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    Not much bigger than a regular single-country adaptor, the Mini Global provides UK travellers with instant power almost anywhere in the world. Via a simple push-button/sliding mechanism, the patent pending invention released pins for one country whilist simultaneously retracting pins for another.

  • Travel Kettle

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    The GoTravel fast boil travel-sized kettle is an ideal addition to your holiday. Supplied with two cups makes tea for two a breeze. It has a UK plug and is dual voltage, which means that with an adaptor plug you can use this kettle in most countries around the world.

    • Fast boil travel kettle
    • Water level window indicates filling capacity
    • 0.5L Capacity
    • Integral cord and plug storage
    • Ideal for travel - weighs under 500g
    • Worldwide dual voltage. UK Plug
    • Flat Teflon coated element for fast boil and easy cleaning
    • Includes: 2 stowaway drinking cups
  • Twin USB in-Car Charger

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    Small yet perfectly formed, this twin USB charger instantly converts a cigarette lighter into a useful power point in any car.

6 Item(s)