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  • Aquafresh Flex Toothbrush

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    Aquafresh Flex Toothbrush

  • Beauty Case

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    Special Price £12.96

    Our new Beauty Case is thoughtfully feminine and compartmentalised to allow even the most disorganised traveller easy access to toiletries and cosmetics on the move. The integrated hook suspends the case in any hotel or aeroplane bathroom, whilst the silky soft material is both attractive and easily cleaned.

  • GoTravel Wash Bag - Toiletries Organiser

    Regular Price: £8.69

    Special Price £7.80

    Compact travel wash bag. Ideal unisex toiletry bag for transporting toiletries and cosmetics, this travel wash bag is soft, flexible and easy to squeeze into any overnight bag or suitcase. It features a wipe clean lining, 3 internal compartments and a convenient integrated carry handle.

    • Soft, flexible travel wash bag - available in 2 colours
    • 3 Interior organiser pockets
    • Integrated carry handle
    • Slimline & lightweight
    • Carry toiletries, cosmetics & more
    • 100% Washable - Wash at 30º
    • Wipe clean lining
  • Medium Microfibre Towel

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    Meidum size Microfibre towel. Ultra compact, super absorbent microfibre sports towel, ideal for the gym, sports and travel (114 x 50cm)

  • Optibac Probiotics For Travelling Abroad (20 Capsules)

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    £10.96 As low as: £10.25

    For travelling abroad is the ideal probiotic for travel. These expert species including L. acidophilus and S. boulardii support your digestive health and immunity whilst abroad. Like the rest of the range, this does not require refrigeration.

  • Rona Ross D-Panthenol Skin Repair Cream (30ml)

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    £9.50 As low as: £6.95

    D-Panthenol Skin & Tissue repair cream. Regenerates and tones problem skin. 30ml.

    • D Panthenol skin & tissue repair cream
    • Effective in treating burns of all types
    • Promotes healing of thermally or traumatic induced wounds, blisters and other open injuries
    • Stimulates cellular and tissue repair
    • Anti inflammatory agent. With neutral pH.
    • Regenerates and tones problem skin
    • Dermatologically tested
    • Heals, disinfects, mositurises
    • Fast effecttive treatment for sunburn, cuts, blisters, abrasions and dry skin
    • 30ml tube.
  • Rona Ross Prickly Heat Prevention Foaming Gel Wash (160ml)

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    Rona Ross Prickly Heat Prevention Foaming Gel Wash for face & body. Soap free with anti-itching, anti-bacterial and soothing properties for relief and prevention of skin irritations. 160ml

    • Rona Ross Foaming Prickly Heat Gel Wash 160ml
    • Effective prevention of Prickly Heat and skin allergies
    • Helps to prevent prickly heat, sweat rash and skin allergies occurring
    • Suitable for face and body - soap, colour & fragrance-free
    • Soap free with anti-itching,  anti-bacterial and soothing properties for relief and prevention of skin irritations.
    • Gently cleanses whilst leaving the skin smooth & soft - ideal for everyday use and after swimming
    • Antibacterial & anti-fungal properties
    • Also ideal for children for relief from chicken pox
    • 160ml
    • Product lasts 12 months from first use
  • Swimeze Ear Drops

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     Swimeze Ear Drops aid in drying water and killing bacteria trapped in the ear after swimming & snorkelling, as well as relieving pressure discomfort & lubricating the ear canal. 

    • Swimeze Ear Drops- Aid in drying trapped water
    • Killing bacteria
    • Ideal for use after swimming & snorkelling
    • Use after open water Triathlon Swims
    • Relieves pressure discomfort in the ear canal
    • Helps lubricate the ear canal.
    • 30ml Bottle 
    • Current expiry 07/18

8 Item(s)