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  • Rona Ross Prickly Heat Prevention Foaming Gel Wash (160ml)

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    Rona Ross Prickly Heat Prevention Foaming Gel Wash for face & body. Soap free with anti-itching, anti-bacterial and soothing properties for relief and prevention of skin irritations. 160ml

    • Rona Ross Foaming Prickly Heat Gel Wash 160ml
    • Effective prevention of Prickly Heat and skin allergies
    • Helps to prevent prickly heat, sweat rash and skin allergies occurring
    • Suitable for face and body - soap, colour & fragrance-free
    • Soap free with anti-itching,  anti-bacterial and soothing properties for relief and prevention of skin irritations.
    • Gently cleanses whilst leaving the skin smooth & soft - ideal for everyday use and after swimming
    • Antibacterial & anti-fungal properties
    • Also ideal for children for relief from chicken pox
    • 160ml
    • Product lasts 12 months from first use
  • Ultrasun Pre-Sun Tan Optimiser (150ml)

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    The new Pre-Sun Tan Optimiser from Ultrasun accelerates, intensifies and extends your tan. Simply apply Pre-Sun Tan Optimiser before your holiday for perfectly prepped skin. It also serves as an After-Sun for the continuous care and replenishment of the skin after sun exposure.

    The exclusive agent Tanositol®, obtained from the carob tree, activates and maintains Melanin production in the skin. This alone creates a gentle, natural tan so that when exposed to the sun, the tan is intensified, strengthening the skin barrier against UV rays. Aquarich® supplies the skin with intensive and long-lasting hydration whilst simultaneously delivering enzyme SOD to help fight free radicals, reducing wrinkling and premature skin ageing.

    The special liposome technology ensures rapid absorption and a silky soft feeling, with no greasy or sticky residue. Pre-Sun Tan Optimiser is free from emulsifiers, perfumes and preservatives and thereby preventing the formation of sun-related skin irritations (eg prickly heat). Dermatologically test.


2 Item(s)