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Travel Essentials

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  • 'Glo' Case ID Luggage Tag

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    For luggage that’s always easy to spot, look no further than these vibrant bag tags. They make identifying your belongings on busy airport carousels quick and hassle-free, while safely concealing personal contact information inside. Bold, bright and fun, even the plainest suitcase or holdall can enjoy a little extra personality.

    • Fun, bright luggage tags
    • Instant baggage recognition
    • Conceals personal details - address tag on rear
    • 2 Per pack
    • Always easy to spot
    • 4 super fun Designs
      • Blue - The Sky is the limit
      • Orange - Check in and chill out
      • Pink - Melt into summer
      • Yellow - Life's a beach
  • 'Glo' Travel Document Wallet

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    Just the ticket for disorganised travellers everywhere, this bright travel document organiser is as fun as it is functional. Five compartments make light work of storing tickets, passports and money, while the vibrant colours ensure it’s always easy to find. Slimline and lightweight, this travel organiser offers a sleek way to keep all of your important documentation in one place.

    • Fun, bright travel organiser
    • Carry passports, tickets, money & credit cards together
    • Wide enough for full size tickets
    • Includes 5 internal compartments
    • Keeps important documents in one place
    • Always easy to find
    • 4 super fun Designs
      • Blue - The Sky is the limit
      • Orange - Check in and chill out
      • Pink - Melt into summer
      • Yellow - Life's a beach
  • 'The Snoozer' Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow

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    £6.70 As low as: £6.30

    The GoTravel inflatable Flat back Neck Pillow, designed with a patented flat back for full head and neck suppor prevents your head from falling sideways when asleep, meaning a more relaxed sleep when travelling!

  • 'Zip Cubes' Clothes Packers

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    Zip Cubes - clothes packing bags. Designed to double in size when extra space is needed, these expandable luggage organisers are a great way to carry blouses, shirts, vests and more. Simply unzip to increase their capacity and fill with all of your favourite holiday essentials.

    • Expandable bag packers
    • Unzip to double pouch capacity
    • Organise shirts, vests & more
    • 1 Large, 1 small pouch per pack
    • Breathable, lightweight fabric
    • Product Size Small (mm): W 185 x H 265 x D 10
    • Product Size Large (mm): W 265 x H 365 x D 10
  • 3 pack Luggage Organisers / Clothes bags (4 colours)

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    Special Price £9.49

    • GoTravel 3 piece packing/luggage organiser set 
    • Protects delicate garments in case
    • Helps keep clothes crease free!
    • Easy to pack. Unzips in seconds
    • Small 23x20x2cm, Medium 28x23x5cm Large 29x46x6cm
    • Supplied in various Colours (Black/White/Blue/Purple)
  • Basic Luggage Straps (Twinpack)

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    Two tough polypropylene suitcase straps with secure ladder lock buckles for day fastening and removal. Approx. 170 long x 2.5cm wide

    • Twinpack basic Luggage Straps
    • Tough polypropylene strap material
    • Fitted with extra strong moulded ladder lock buckles
    • Available in four great colours
    • Approx. Size: Length 170cm Width 2.5cm
  • Beauty Case

    Regular Price: £14.99

    Special Price £12.96

    Our new Beauty Case is thoughtfully feminine and compartmentalised to allow even the most disorganised traveller easy access to toiletries and cosmetics on the move. The integrated hook suspends the case in any hotel or aeroplane bathroom, whilst the silky soft material is both attractive and easily cleaned.

  • Birthday Combination Luggage Lock (TSA Approved)

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    An innovative combination padlock that uses a memorable date or birthday as its 5 dial combination. By using a code you are unlikely to forget, this 'first of its kind' travel padlock is as memorable as it is original. TSA - Travel Sentry Approved for travel to the United States.

    • Birthday Combination Luggage Lock
    • Use a memorable date to set the lock
    • Easier to remember
    • Travel Sentry Approved for USA travel - No need to damage lock or luggage for custom's inspections.
  • Brass Travel Sentry Lock

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    £8.80 As low as: £8.26

    A solid brass 'Travel Sentry' three dial combination lock that's recognised by the TSA. Allows American security to examine luggage without damage

    • 'Travel Sentry' three dial solid brass combination luggage lock
    • Recognised by the TSA
    • Allows American security to examine luggage without damage
    • Easy setting of new 3 digit combination code
  • Colours Passport Cover

    Regular Price: £10.99

    Special Price £4.99

    Soft nappa leather passport cover in 5 great colours, designed to suit the fashion concious traveller.

  • Compact Travel Steam Iron

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    Travel steam iron with variable control dial, water level indicator window & Worldwide dual voltage. UK Plug

    • Travel steam iron with variable control dial
    • Copmpact travel size
    • Water level indicator window
    • Worldwide dual voltage. UK Plug
    • Steam control on/off + Steam Boost
    • Non stick coated sole plate
    • Weighs approx 580g (120/240V, 650W/800W)
    • 180cm Cable
    • Approx. size: 17 x 8.5cm x 8.5cm
  • Deluxe Coloured Big Bag Tag

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    A super-bright leather luggage bag tag label. Available in 5 bright colours they are designed to make spotting your luggage easy! With concealed personal details flap.

  • Eye Mask (+Free Ear Plugs)

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    £3.89 As low as: £2.86

    Deluxe sleeping/eye Mask (with free ear plugs)

    • Deluxe sleeping mask 
    • Prevents disturbing light for a restful nights sleep when travelling.
    • Fully adjustable, unisex, one size fits all
    • Shaped nose area with blackout fabric
    • Includes FREE set of foam earplugs
    • Includes 12 FREE Stickers 
      • 6x - Please Wake Up For Meals
      • 6x - Do Not Disturb

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  • Glo Luggage Locks

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    An easily identifiable vibrant coloured luggage case lock.

  • Glo Luggage Strap

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    A vibrant coloured 5cm thick luggage strap for security and easy luggage identification.

  • Glo Travel Sentry Luggage Lock

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    Easy case id with the 'Glo' TSA Lock. TSA approved so Airport Security can examine luggage without damage to lock or case!

  • GoTravel Wash Bag - Toiletries Organiser

    Regular Price: £8.69

    Special Price £7.80

    Compact travel wash bag. Ideal unisex toiletry bag for transporting toiletries and cosmetics, this travel wash bag is soft, flexible and easy to squeeze into any overnight bag or suitcase. It features a wipe clean lining, 3 internal compartments and a convenient integrated carry handle.

    • Soft, flexible travel wash bag - available in 2 colours
    • 3 Interior organiser pockets
    • Integrated carry handle
    • Slimline & lightweight
    • Carry toiletries, cosmetics & more
    • 100% Washable - Wash at 30º
    • Wipe clean lining
  • Insect Repellent Plug In (Mosqui-Go Duo)

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     A dual function insect repellent plug in, able to use standard mat tablets and Liquid vapour mosquito killer. Dual Voltage. Available in 3 plug types.

    • Liquid vapour mosquito killer
    • Dual function, able to use standard matt tablets
    • HSE approved harmless vapour effective on mosquitoes
    • Dual voltage (110v / 240v 7 watts)
    • 1 bottle provides approx. 37 days protection 
    • 2 types available; Transworld/US plug typeFor use in USA, Canada, Far East , Japan & South America.r
    • European plug type for use in Europe and Scandinavia, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia & Turkey. 
  • Kids Travel Pillow

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    A fun and sqishy foam filled kids travel pillow. Supports head and neck for more peacful sleep whilst travelling. For age 6 Months +

  • Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow

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    A memory foam lumbar support that naturally moulds to perfectly fit the contours of the lower back.

  • Mini Global Adaptor Plug

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    £9.95 As low as: £9.00

    Not much bigger than a regular single-country adaptor, the Mini Global provides UK travellers with instant power almost anywhere in the world. Via a simple push-button/sliding mechanism, the patent pending invention released pins for one country whilist simultaneously retracting pins for another.

  • Money Belt

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    A discrete money belt worn around the waist under clothing. Ideal for money, passports, credit cards, etc.

  • RFID Blocking Passport Cover (Black)

    Regular Price: £9.89

    Special Price £9.48

    As low as: £9.25

    This leather passport holder wil help protect your private information. Its RFID technology stops digital thiefs from scanning your data

    • Simple and stylish passport cover
    • Genuine supersoft leather 
    • Ensures your passport stays protected and clean
    • RFID data blocking - keeps passport data secure
    • Ideal for those who spent lots of their time travelling


    Why is RFID protection necessary?

    Data and other personal information is stored on RFID chips embedded in modern day passports. Criminals can easily scan this content like a digital pick-pocket. This allows them to make copies, perform identity theft and commit other digital crimes. This passport blocks the ability to scan the chip ensuring your data is kept secure!

  • Soft Protective iPad Case (5 Designs)

    Regular Price: £7.00

    Special Price £5.99

    This slip-in carry case for iPad tablet computers is constructed from a tough, high-density neoprene material that protects the tablet's exterior and absorbs everyday knocks and shocks. Sized to comfortably accommodate both the iPad and the iPad 2, this eye-catching case is available in a range of fun printed designs.

  • Suit & Blouse Protector (The Suiter)

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    £8.89 As low as: £7.96

    Protects and prevents suits and jackets from any creasing or having to be folded and squashed into luggage for your journey. 

    • Stores and protects Suits, Blouses & Garments
    • Protects your clothes from creasing
    • For travel or home use
    • Hanger hole, for hanging
    • Sealed sides and base
    • Zipped fron for easy access
    • 100% washable nylon
    • Approx size: 104 x 60cm
  • Travel Blanket (152 x 127cm)

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    This oh so cosy travel blanket is perfect for wrapping up warm on a chilly aeroplane. Its soft fleecy construction means it can be rolled or folded to a fraction of its size for quick and easy storage. Squeeze it into your hand luggage or keep it in your car for extra warmth when away from home.
    • Cosy, lightweight travel blanket
    • 100% machine washable
    • Folds or rolls neatly for travel
    • Soft to the touch
    • Fleecy & warm
    • 152 x 127cm (60 x 50")
  • Travel Document Wallet

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    £11.50 As low as: £11.26

    Multiple pocket document wallet for all your travel documentation and passports. Keeps all your travel paperwork together in one easy to access travel document wallet.

    • Stylish Multi-pocket travel document organiser
    • Separate compartments for passport, tickets and other travel documents
      • 16 Compartments in total
    • Pockets for Credit Cards, Airport Lounge Cards, Drivers Licence etc.
    • Clip-away security handle
    • approx size: 22.5 x 13cm
  • Travel Sentry Luggage Strap

    Regular Price: £11.99

    Special Price £11.75

    A 5cm wide luggage strap with 3 dial TSA (Travel Sentry) combination lock that allows American security to examine luggage without damage to case/strap. Fits all standard luggage and travel bags.

    • 5cm wide x 170cm long luggage strap
    • Click shut buckle with 3 dial combination lock  (and TSA)
    • TSA Lock - Allows American security to examine luggage without damage to case/strap
    • Personal number setting, choose your own code
    • Identifiable colours, with 3 stripe design
    • 4 colourways to choose
    • Fully Adjustable
    • Fits all standard luggage
    • Only 185g Per Luggage Strap!
  • Travel Sleep Set (Mask & Pillow)

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    A matching set comprised of an inflatable travel pillow and a hand tied eyeshade, complete with drawstring pouch. Everything is beautifully finished in a delicately patterned fabric that is distinctly feminine. The sift and silky eye mask is easily adjustable and kind to make-up and hair. The fully removable pillow cover makes washing a breeze.

  • Travel Umbrella

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    A light weight compact umbrella ideal for travel. Ultralight aluminium frame and rubber grip handle.

    • Slim flat travel umbrella
    • Ultra-light tough aluminium frame
    • Non slip rubber finish handle
    • New push button locking mechanism
    • Approx size when closed: 20 x 7.5 x 3.5cm
    • Approx size when open: 96cm diameter x 52cm height
    • Weighs Just 200g
  • Twin USB in-Car Charger

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    £7.79 As low as: £7.40

    Small yet perfectly formed, this twin USB charger instantly converts a cigarette lighter into a useful power point in any car.

  • Twist 'N' Lock TSA Combination Luggage Lock

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    Putting a new spin on luggage security, this revolutionary new combination padlock incorporates an error-free setting mechanism that avoids accidental code reset. Designed to be quick and easy to use, the unique ‘twist to set’ design makes configuring your three digit combination code quick and simple. Ideal for travel to the USA, this suitcase lock allows US security personnel to examine luggage without damage.

    • TSA accepted combination lock
    • Easy to use
    • Error-free ‘twist’ setting mechanism
    • Allows US security personnel to examine luggage
    • Secure 3 dial design – no keys to lose

32 Item(s)