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Sun Protection

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  • ERiiS for Sun Aftersun (150ml)

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    ERiis for Sun Aftersun is specially forumlated to soothe and refresh the skin after sun exposure. It contains a 'fruit mix complex' a real fruit juice for the skin that restores balance, corrects hydration and reduce skin burning or reddening.

    • ERiis for Sun Aftersun
    • Soothes and refreshes skin after sun exposure
    • Contains 'fruit mix complex' to restore balance and hydrate
    • Contains extract of Calendula to reduce skin burning and reddening
    • SHEA Butter to moisturise 
    • Light texture, easily absorbed
    • Extra delicate 
    • Parabens and allergens free
    • Italian Made
    • 150ml Pump
    • Lasts 12 Months
  • ERiiS for Sun SPF30 (150ml)

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    ERiis for Sun provides complete protection from the damage caused by sunrays (UVA, UVB and Infra-red). Its Italian made, light, paraben free, formula is quickly absorbed and helps to restore and protect the skin. With its unique blend of filters, carrot fresh cells and vitamins A, C and E, ERiis for sun also helps prevent skin ageing.

    • ERiis for Sun SPF30
    • Sun protection milk with UVA, UVB and IR protection filters
    • Contains: IRIDIXINA-S, carrot fresh cells and vitamins A, C & E
    • Helps restore balance to the skin
    • Helps prevent premature ageing
    • Light texture - absorbed quickly
    • Parabens & Allergens free
    • Ideal for delicate or sensitive skin
    • Italian Made
    • 150ml pump
    • Lasts 12 months 

2 Item(s)

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