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Camp Bedding

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  • 12" Air Hammer Inflation Pump

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    An air hammer inflation pump (12) from Bestway that inflates/deflates on up and down stroke, large air chamber for rapid inflation/deflation, flexible hose, 3 valve adapters to fit nearly every inflation valve, designed to provide maximum airflow. Air volume 2 x 860cc.

    • Hand air hammer inflation pump
    • Can inflate/deflate
    • Works on both up and down stroke
    • Large air chamber
    • Rapid inflation/deflation
    • Flexible hose
    • 3 valve adapters to fit nearly every inflation valve
  • Eye Mask (+Free Ear Plugs)

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    Deluxe sleeping/eye Mask (with free ear plugs)

    • Deluxe sleeping mask 
    • Prevents disturbing light for a restful nights sleep when travelling.
    • Fully adjustable, unisex, one size fits all
    • Shaped nose area with blackout fabric
    • Includes FREE set of foam earplugs
    • Includes 12 FREE Stickers 
      • 6x - Please Wake Up For Meals
      • 6x - Do Not Disturb

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  • Foil Survival Blanket

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    Emergency protective blanket, Lightweight foil gives over 90% radiant heat reflection to retain body temperature and avoid hypothermia.

    • Emergency Foil Survival Blanket
    • Lightweight foil
    • Over 90% Radiant heat reflection
    • Retains Body Temperature
    • Avoids Hypothermia
    • Size - 200cm x 160cm
  • Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow

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    A memory foam lumbar support that naturally moulds to perfectly fit the contours of the lower back.

  • Travel Sleep Set (Mask & Pillow)

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    A matching set comprised of an inflatable travel pillow and a hand tied eyeshade, complete with drawstring pouch. Everything is beautifully finished in a delicately patterned fabric that is distinctly feminine. The sift and silky eye mask is easily adjustable and kind to make-up and hair. The fully removable pillow cover makes washing a breeze.

5 Item(s)

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