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1st Aid Kits

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  • Aspivenin - Bite & Sting Remover

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    Aspivenin is a painless reusable pump that draws out poison to give instant-acting relief from a range of bites and stings.

    • Aspivenin painless relief from bites and stings
    • Kit contains 1 Aspivenin pump and four nozzels
    • Effective against:
      • Horse flies
      • Bees & Wasps
      • Mosquitoes
      • Biting ants
      • Spiders
      • Scorpions
      • Snakes
      • Nettles
      • Jellyfish
      • Poisnous fish


    Aspivenin is a precision-made vacuum mini-pump whose simple action creates a controlled and sustained suction above the site of the bite or sting. This painlessly draws poison to the surface of the skin where it can be simply wiped away. This unique and continuos suction means that by removing poison, ASpivenin helps to ease pain and discomfort. Trusted by 12 Million people worldwide!

  • Classic Penknife

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     15 Piece pocket knife made from high quality stainless steel.

    • 15 piece pocket knife
    • High quality build
    • Functions include:
    • 2 Screwdrivers, bottle opener, key chain, hole punch, nail cleaner, nail file, needle, corkscrew, can opener, scissors, hook remover, fish scaler, wood saw and knife blade.
    • Colour: Stainless Steel

    Only available to persons over the age of 18 Years


  • Foil Survival Blanket

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    Emergency protective blanket, Lightweight foil gives over 90% radiant heat reflection to retain body temperature and avoid hypothermia.

    • Emergency Foil Survival Blanket
    • Lightweight foil
    • Over 90% Radiant heat reflection
    • Retains Body Temperature
    • Avoids Hypothermia
    • Size - 200cm x 160cm
  • Swimeze Ear Drops

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     Swimeze Ear Drops aid in drying water and killing bacteria trapped in the ear after swimming & snorkelling, as well as relieving pressure discomfort & lubricating the ear canal. 

    • Swimeze Ear Drops- Aid in drying trapped water
    • Killing bacteria
    • Ideal for use after swimming & snorkelling
    • Use after open water Triathlon Swims
    • Relieves pressure discomfort in the ear canal
    • Helps lubricate the ear canal.
    • 30ml Bottle 
    • Current expiry 07/18

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