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  • 10 Piece Dinosaur Sand Mould Set

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    A fantastic 10 piece dinosaur sand mould set. Creates an imprint in the sand of a dionsaur. Dinosaur length approx 77cm. 

    • Toyrific dinosaur sand mould
    • 10 Piece set
    • Makes a dinosaur of 77cm
    • A great addition to a beach holiday
    • 3 Bright colours to choose from
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  • 11" Plastic Marble Beach Spade

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    rnA 11 childrens plastic beach spade.

  • Bat & Ball Set

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    A must-have fun accessory for the beach or garden. Wooden Bat & Ball Set in 3 great colours.

  • Medium Marble Castle Bucket

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    A medium sized childrens sand castle bucket.

  • Plastic Flying Ring

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    Toyrific 25cm plastic flying ring. A great addition to any beach or villa holiday.

    • 25cm flying ring
    • available in blue, yellow, pink
    • Great addition to any beach or villa holiday
    • Easy to pack - super flat on 1cm thin 
    • FREE Express UK P&P
  • Sand Castle Bucket

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    Brightly coloured sand castle bucket with fantastic castle detailing. A fantastic bucket to build the ultimate mega-sand-castle!

    • Detailed sand castle bucket
    • 3 super-fun bright colours to choose from
    • Plastic carry handle (to carry sea water for the moat!)
    • A must have for little and big kids at the beach
  • Sand Moulds Beach Toy

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    Fantastic fun sand moulds, ideal for the beach at home or abroad. 4 fantastic shapes to choose from: blue crab, orange fish, turquoise octopus and yellow turtle. Or why not buy all four to create a fab beach sculpture!

    • Plastic beach moulds
    • 4 fantastic beach sea animals to choose from
    • Either £3.49 each or £5.99 for all four!
  • Single Line Kite

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    An easy to fly single line kite. Muti-coloured 114 x 50cm main kite with 152cm tail attached to a 36.5m (120ft) line and winder. A great addition for holiday's, camping and the beach.

    • Single line kite
    • Easy to fly
    • Multi-coloured arrow shapes kite
    • 36.5m fly line. Attched to plastic winder
    • Ideal for holiday's, camping and the beach
  • Sticky Catch Ball Set

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    Sticky catch ball set. Supplied with two colourful sticky fabric covered bats and ball is a great beach, camping or garden game

    • Velcro catch ball set.
    • Supplied with two colourful sticky fabric covered bats and ball
    • Adjustable hand straps
    • A great beach, camping or garden game
    • Supplied in various colours

9 Item(s)

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