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Adaptor Plugs

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  • Mini Global Adaptor Plug

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    Not much bigger than a regular single-country adaptor, the Mini Global provides UK travellers with instant power almost anywhere in the world. Via a simple push-button/sliding mechanism, the patent pending invention released pins for one country whilist simultaneously retracting pins for another.

  • Twin USB in-Car Charger

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    Small yet perfectly formed, this twin USB charger instantly converts a cigarette lighter into a useful power point in any car.

  • UK to USA / Australia (Transworld) Adaptor

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    An adaptor plug that is suitable for travel; From: UK - To: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Central & parts of South America, many islands of the caribbean, Japan and the Far east.

    • Adaptor plug for UK and European travellers to countries with an American 110v electrical system
    • Including the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, Americas, many islands of the Caribbea, Japan & Far East
    • (NB: This product does not convert voltage)

3 Item(s)