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  • Rona Ross D-Panthenol Skin Repair Cream (30ml)

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    D-Panthenol Skin & Tissue repair cream. Regenerates and tones problem skin. 30ml.

    • D Panthenol skin & tissue repair cream
    • Effective in treating burns of all types
    • Promotes healing of thermally or traumatic induced wounds, blisters and other open injuries
    • Stimulates cellular and tissue repair
    • Anti inflammatory agent. With neutral pH.
    • Regenerates and tones problem skin
    • Dermatologically tested
    • Heals, disinfects, mositurises
    • Fast effecttive treatment for sunburn, cuts, blisters, abrasions and dry skin
    • 30ml tube.
  • Rona Ross Prickly Heat Therapy Lotion (160ml)

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    Prickly Heat Therapy Lotion for Face & Body. Oil, fragrance & colour free lotion with calamine for the treatment of skin irritations & burns. 160ml

    • Rona Ross Prickly Heat Lotion 160ml
    • Effective treatment for Prickly heat, sweat rash and skin allergies
    • Suitable for Body & Face
    • Oil, fragrance & colour free lotion with calamine for the treatment of skin irritations & burns
    • Our customers swear by it!
    • With anti-itching, calming, antiseptic properties 
    • Soothes skin from mild sunburns, itching, reddening, pimples & prickliness caused by sun or sweat
    • Also ideal for children for relief from chicken pox
    • Combine with Rona Ross Prickly Heat Foaming Gel Wash for optimum results
    • 160ml lotion
  • Rona Ross Witch Hazel Aftersun (400ml)

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    Rona Ross Aftersun with pure witch hazel provides instant relief from sunburns and irritations. Helps to heal and protect from dry skin and also helps prolong tan.

    • Rona Ross Aftersun with pure witch hazel 
    • Instant relief from sunburns and skin irritations
    • Heals and protects dry skin
    • Can be used for daily moisurisation
    • Helps prolong tan
    • Use on face and body
    • Contains chamomile oil, oilive leaf extract, vitamins E & F, 
    • Fragrance and colour free
    • Dermatologcally tested
    • Ideal for children and sensitive skin
    • Non-greasy
    • 400ml

3 Item(s)

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